Lets see how far we’ve come…


This course has been an amazing learning experience that I wouldn’t change for anything.  I have been challenged more than I could have asked for.  I wish Alex was teaching another course that I could take another semester.  This is my first semester as a University at Albany and this is one of the 2 courses that I am taking.  With what I have seen and learned so far I have to say that I am only looking forward to what I will learn in the rest of my educational career.  I am excited for what the future holds since I know I will be a life long learner.

After taking this course I have considered becoming a professor possibly even an online professor.  I am very young so right now might not be the right time but in the future its a strong possibility.  I have a lot of knowledge that I could share with future educators.  In the future you might see my name on a professor listing. 🙂

This course has taught me to keep on learning.  What I mean by that is sometimes you are given assignments to complete.  It is what you do beyond those assignments that help you to gain insight and knowledge.  My favorite part of this course was turning the discussions into our own learning experience through research.  We could take take the discussions in a direction that interested us which in turn actually taught us something.  We also were able to read our classmates discussion posts and learn about what they were interested in.  It was almost like the course was student led.    I feel like I have had a different learning experiences in this course which has shaped me into a new kind of learner.  I am more of a go getter now who wants to keep learning more.

My learning was shaped by my peers and the discussions that we had.  Without them my learning experience would have not been the same.  It was most beneficial for me to read my classmates posts to see what they were interested in and then begin a discussion with them to learn more.  I think the biggest thing that hindered my learning was the quantity of work that we had.  With less assignments I would have had more time to put more focus into my assignments which would have helped me to learn more.  At times during the course I felt that I was overwhelmed working on my course and all of the other components as well.  All in all, I want to thank everyone for this semester it is one that I won’t forget.  Hopefully we will meet again in the virtual world!


Kelly (4)

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Learning only leads to discovery


Throughout this course our main focus has been on creating our online courses.  We have participated in discussions to beginning thinking about our courses and then to discuss our progress as we moved through the creation process.  As I am coming to the end of my creation process I am beginning to realize that this creation process has taught me more than I could imagine.  This past week I have spend completing course reviews for my classmates and then reading the reviews that they created for me.  Most of the feedback I received was pretty consistent.  A lot of the ideas overlapped and were similar.  All of it helped me to reevaluate the progress that I have made on the course and look at what else I still need to change.  Overall, I saw a common theme that my course just needed little changes to make it better.  I am working on making the changes that need to be made and moving onto finalizing my course.  In the next few days I am planning on finishing up so I can work on proof reading it again.

What I have learned…..

During this course I have learned a lot of valuable information that I will be able to take with me in life.  To start I have learned that I am capable of anything I put my mind to.  This course pushed me to see my full potential and I am grateful for that.  To be honest I was not challenged throughout my college career.  All of the work that I completed felt like busy work rather than  intellectually challenging work.  This course was truly the first course to challenge me and show me that college is all about learning and enhancing your learning experience.  It was amazing how we each created different courses and still could learn from one another.  I honestly doubted this at first.  We came together from all different fields of teaching and together came out with new and innovating ideas of what it means to be an online teacher.  One of the most important things that I learned was about building a classroom community and the similarities it has between the online classroom and a f2f classroom.  Almost all of our readings and videos this semester talked about what it means to build a classroom community and how we do that.  I have a new understanding of the importance that a classroom community has on the discussions and other interactions that take place in it.    I have also learned that in a online environment interactions between students and students as well as students and am instructor are both very important.  There needs to be a good balance between these 2 different types of interaction in order for a course to be well rounded.  This also helps to establish the instructors teaching presence in the course.

What would have helped my learning……

When I first began this course I was extremely overwhelmed.  I felt like a lot was being thrown at me in a small amount of time.  One of the biggest stresses was the discussion posts.  This became less of a stress when Alex cut the assignment in half.  It allowed me to put more focus on less discussion posts which I felt made them better.  I enjoyed having the time to look for resources and other articles that were interesting and related to the discussion topic for that module.  Another factor that may have helped my learning was to not have as much material thrown at us from the start.  The “D0 this stuff first” page had so much going on I wasn’t sure where to start and where the end.  It was a little overwhelming to see all of the assignments and things to do from day 1.  I felt like I couldn’t manage my time to get all of the work completed.  Most of the “what’s due when” pages for this course had a lot of wording on them which confused me.  Making them shorter or more user friendly might help students in the future to grasp what they need to be doing.  One way might be to hyperlink all of the readings and videos to a word instead of putting the whole url on there.  It would make the document a little more user friendly and it would look more like a checklist.  Overall, I felt that Alex used a wide variety of resources in this course that helped my learning.  I enjoyed learning about new tools and websites that I had never been introduced to before.  This course opened my eyes to the potential that internet resources have to improving online instruction.


Kelly (4)

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