Why am I doing things the way that I am?



Why am I choosing to do things in a certain way?

This seems to be the question of the module since we have made it to the chunk of the our courses.   In our courses we have officially began to develop the learning activities.  I feel like the component that helped me the most during this module was observing the exemplar courses.  While the readings and videos also helped me I was able to see what the instructors were talking about as they did discussed their learning activities.  I was able to see their reasoning for chunking their course in a certain way which helped me to better understand why I chunked my course the way that I did.  I am curious to see how everyone else decided to chunk their courses and if they are drastically different that mine in terms of number of modules and amount of information being presented to the students.


I’m actually learning?

I hate to admit that in the beginning of this course I was very doubtful that I would learn anything new.  Even though I haven’t created my own online course in the past I have created an online learning system as well as used countless number of technologies.  So when we got our assignment to chose a topic that we were familiar with I was doubtful.  But I will say that through out this module I have learned a ton.  The playlist of youtube videos taught me a lot of valuable information on the importance of social presence in an online community.  To be honest before those videos I doubted that a strong social presence was possible in a online course.  But once again I can admit that I am wrong.  ( and I hate to be wrong)



At this point in the course I have not come across too many things that have posed a problem to me.  I am actually understanding what needs to be done and am able to do it.  The most challenging thing for me was getting acclimated with Moodle.  Once I better understood how that worked I was able to get a better feel for how to navigate and set up components of my course.


At this point I think the only thing to say is on to the next module!


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