Chunking, the main question of the module


It is hard to believe that is already time to write my first blog for module 3.  It seems like yesterday that we just started this course let alone this module.  This past week has helped me to think much deeper into the different aspects of my course and how I was going to group my topics.  From the beginning of our courses I knew how I wanted to start and end my course but the middle was a little fuzzy.  This week it became a lot clearer.  I decided to group my modules in the way the follows.

Module 1: Introduction/Icebreakers
Module 2: Literacy? What is that?
Module 3: What are different types of literacy?
Module 4: Are we seeing that in classrooms?
Module 5: How can we add in technology?
Module 6: Final Project
Module 7: Lets’s wrap this all up!

I ordered my modules in the way that made the most sense to learn the course information in.  My first module is an introduction to the course and getting to know you icebreaker activities.  My second module is an introduction to the main topic of the course.  This is intended to be a broad scope of the topic.  The third module is about 2 different literacy programs being used in classrooms.  The four module is a follow up of the previous module.  In this module students will be observing classrooms and comparing the models they read about to what they are seeing.  The fifth module takes everything the students have learned so far and has them reevaluate how they can add in technology.  The sixth module allows students to take everything they learned and create their own ideal literacy learning environment.  The final module will be a culminating course activity to wrap up everything that the students learned through out the course. 

After Alex’s comments I decided that I would call my introduction module Lets meet each other!  This way I am introducing my course in a more welcoming fashion.  When deciding how to group my modules I found the exemplar courses most helpful.  It made more sense to me as I listened to the logic behind how they arranged and grouped their modules together.

I feel that as we are progressing through this course the readings and videos are only helping me to strengthen my decisions that I am making in my own course.  For example the social presence playlist helped me to learn a lot about how to address my students in the course.  I feel comfortable knowing that these great references are available for me to look back on as I continue designing my course.  I am looking forward to continuing to learn and grow throughout the second half of the course.


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“Chunking, the main question of the module”

  1. July 8th, 2013 at 9:15 pm      Reply mcm1199 Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I agree that the resources and activities are helping me to refine my decisions for the course. It is nice that the subjects are so relevant to our project!

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