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As the course continues to progress I feel like a little bit of stress has been lifted off of my shoulders.  I enjoyed the breeze presentation since I have never had an experience with that software before.  It was informative but I felt like it reiterated what was said in the article A Series of Unfortunate Online Events and How to Avoid Them.  Personally I enjoyed this reading because it took a lot of “weight” off of my shoulders.  When I read this I felt myself saying yeah I was worried about that happening.  One of the most important things that I took from the reading was that it is important to assume nothing!  As a teacher it is hard to not assume anything about your students especially when there is a good chance that you will never meet them.  We go through life making assumptions about everything we see it is hard to change that perspective when you are teaching.

Design, Design, Design…

In the same article you discuss how a good course does not happen on accident.  Now this is obviously something that I knew already but it is not as easy to do as I thought it would be.  Through  out the course manual I have learned what exactly needs to go into the course to make it work.  I knew that designing this course would be a lot of work but I feel that I am better prepared to do it because of the tools that have been provided for us.  I also found it important to lay out your expectations and make sure they are clear.  Without clear expectations how can you expect your students to know what you want from them.

What I am enjoying about this course…

So far I am enjoying the discussions in this post.  I feel that it is extremely helpful to interact with your peers while you are learning since they have so much to teach you as well.  Also, it is interesting to see what each person pulls from each assignment since it is usually very different.  Our minds seem to hang on different things when we are reading.  I am excited to continue learning and working through the modules with everyone and to see the final courses that are created.

What I would change….

The only thing that I struggle with during this course is the schedule.  For me when we start a module I think that I have so much time to work on the assignments because I have 2 weeks but that 2 weeks flies by.  I struggle with scheduling my assignments since I have so much time.  This is not really something you can change it is more something that I need to figure out as I continue working through the course.

The next step…

The next step I am going to take in this course is to observe an exemplar course.  I want to do this before I start working on my course components so that I can use this course to my advantage.  Between the articles that we read in this module, the manual, the breeze presentation and now the course observation I think I will be more than ready to start to create my course and get this show on the road!

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